After the phenomenal success of Morning of the Earth Original Soundtrack Album, G.Wayne Thomas became one of the most sought after record producers in Australia.  In early 1973 he formed his own label Warm & Genuine, on which he issued the album G.Wayne Thomas, now known as the "Self Titled" album.

To many of G.Wayne’s devoted fans the Self Titled album is the epitome of 1970s pop music showcasing his songwriting talent and skills as a music producer.  There is a real sense of warmth and romance to this album. It includes previous hits Open Up Your Heart, Take it Easy and the newly released Everything in You.


Other highlights are Come Tomorrow Morning, which was reprised on the Crystal Voyager Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, but isn’t actually a featured track on that album.  As well, there’s G.Wayne’s version of the classic Kris Kristofferson song I’ve Got to Have You.  This would surely have been a massive hit but for Carly Simon’s version, which was released at almost the same time and went on to be a No.1 hit in Australia.


The Self Titled album still holds its own almost 40 years on and is a tribute to the gentle hand and sensitive ear of Thomas. He certainly had a great feel for the emotional leverage available when sweet high pitch vocals, touching lyrics and simple acoustic guitars are blended beautifully with strings.


We are proud to be able to bring you this classic album.  It is for all those loyal fans who have waited patiently for its release.  We hope it was worth the wait!  G.Wayne is always humbled and surprised by the many letters of support and great warmth shown to him over the years. Many people talk about his songs being “a soundtrack to their life”. He is just a little bit proud (although he would never say it) of the fact that many people still enjoy listening to his music all these years later.